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With Love and for Love

It is quite important to build the habit of contemplating, of thinking deeply about something! This brings you the so called “Consciousness Expansion”.

As I seated comfortably on the grass of our garden, I observed the papaya tree that was just in front of me. Its leaves were healthy and firm, looking as sun umbrellas shading its beautiful and perfumed flowers. Its abundant fruits looked like huge breasts (at that moment I found out the why for the name Translator's note: mamao, the name of papaya fruit in Brazil, means large breast.mamao).

papaya (large breast) -- photo by Eduardo Loureiro

The impression one has when looking at a papaya tree is that it does nothing, but this is a big mistake. It is in constant activity. It needs to present its flowers with the precise perfume and at the favorable time, to spread everywhere messages of love in order to attract the pollinating insects that will take care of fecundation. That is a must and a huge work!

Not to mention the careful building of its fruits – shape, consistence, texture, odor, color and taste. It produces beautiful and delicious papaya fruits, thus perpetuating its specie.

The papaya tree is successful because it is within the chain of life. It works tirelessly with love and for love. The fulfillment of this universal law attracts a legion of visible and invisible cooperators – volunteers – so that its workmanship is victorious.

Burnished-buff Tanager also likes papaya -- photo by Eduardo Loureiro

In the case of the papaya tree, the sun rays, the rain water, the wind, the soil microorganisms, insects and invisible beings of the four elements. Everything conspires in its favor and the papaya tree only needs to give the best of itself.

I realized that the same happens with us! For our works to be perfect and blessed, the first step is to enter the “Great Orchestra” or  “Stream of Life”. You just need the desire to accomplish something for the common good. Give the best of yourself, with love and for love, and everything you need will be at your hands. This way the fruitage of your work will be successful.

Speaking of success, plant papaya! Just dig a hole in the backyard, fill it with organic waste from your kitchen and then plant a beautiful seedling. It is an invaluable privilege being able to harvest them from your own backyard.

Do you know that their vitamin C content is higher than in the orange or lemon? That its leaves, roots, stems, fruits, bark, flowers, milk and seeds have many uses, including medicinal ones? Enjoy this plant whose benefits are so wonderful!

They knew that The papaya leaf, stem, root, fruit, bark, flower, milk and seeds have many uses, including medicinal? Enjoy this plant, whose benefits are wonderful!

How good it is to contemplate and to think firmly and deeply about things! This brings us great discoveries. Everything is “under our own nose”, but many times we look at without seeing.

This site is being translated. We apologize for mistakes.

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