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Mother's Day Message

According to an ancient Tibetan legend, the Divine Mother asked the Creator: “When the Earth be covered by the terrible dark veil of discord, of disaffection and anger, how will the saving droplets of Grace penetrate those veils?”

And God the Father answered: “It is possible to unite the torrents of Fire that can trespass any layer of darkness.”

The Divine Mother said: “Truly, the sparks of Fire of your Spirit can bring salvation, but who will collect and keep them for using whenever necessary?”

And the Supreme answered: “The trees and herbs will keep my sparks.”

There are plants whose ability to absorb and to store in themselves these divine sparks is amazing and so they are true panaceas to all the ills of mankind.

Many people in the Western World believe that this healing power comes from the so called active principle of the herb, but the eastern phytotherapy sees it as a consequence of the ardent principle that the plant being succeeds to hold in itself.

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A wonderful example of this miracle is Aloe vera. It is a succulent plant belonging to the Liliaceae family.

There many species in the Liliaceae Family but only the Aloe vera is considered to be safe to be eaten in natura. The other species are considered to be drastic and must be dynamized before internal use.

Peaple researched a lot about Aloe vera and many doctors report extraordinary healing cases in various areas, from burns, including the ones caused by nuclear radiation, to skin diseases, and sicknesses of the digestive, circulatory, breathing systems, including the most horrifying ones, considered to be terminal.

Research has indicated that:

  • Aloe vera gel rubbed on the skin, hydrates it, takes away spots, regenerates cellular tissues and is the best sun ray protection that exists!

  • it is a natural  disinfectant with a strong bactericidal activity, that penetrates the skin and tissues and destroys countless viruses. It is fungicidal, anti-inflammatory, it stops itches and eliminates dead tissues, including pus;

  • it is highly nutritious, it contains vitamins, minerals and sugars, but must never be taken by pregnant women.

mensagem dia das mães

Aloe vera leaves are harvested after two years of planting, when they reach full healing power. The recently collected leaves have much stronger therapeutical effects than any Aloe vera industrialized gel or extract.

Ancient Egyptians believed that it is auspicious to be close to this plant, which they also believed to be the secret ingredient responsible for Cleopatra's beauty.

I have gratitude and veneration for the being inhabiting this plant, which has brought us extraordinary benefits.  Mother Nature provides each necessary item to fulfill the needs of mankind and of all creatures.

On this Mother's Day my heart overflows with joy and praise to God Father-Mother for the existing of Aloe vera plants that keep in themselves those Grace sparks ready, for the moment that we need them.


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