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Trust Message: A Lever for a New Time

Trust is the opposite to depression. Precisely the suspicion engenders this terrible shrew. But trust awakens the most ardent and divine inclinations of the spirit.

Celestial beings can come closer to the people at moments of trust and the miracle of inspiration creates the most harmonious approaches.

Trust needs to be cultivated because, otherwise, we sink into inaction, in a state of depression. Trust is the direct knowledge: there is no betrayal or injury to those who perform the great task of the Living God, which is trust.

The ones who are blessed with trust need no armor. For us to be healthy we need to enjoy life. But, how can we be joyful if we do not trust our fellow men, the good and life?

Without trust our days become ugly. We become sad, bitter, unbelieving, depressive and sick.

sky in Alto Paraiso

Well-being and health are found in the trust. We must rely on present and future, known and unknown, in the visible and invisible. But let's not confuse confidence with reckless or careless!

Victory is only attained through trust and by means of an open heart. Faith corresponds to self-hypnosis, while trust concerns self-observation. Faith is indefined in its essence but trust confirms that love is infallible.

Manifestation of trust is indispensable to attain communion with God.

Cosmos bipinatus

One way to achieve devine virtues is through flowers. The perfume of the flowers are the thoughts and feelings of the plant being, radiating a certain virtue to bless the external being...

There is a plant of the Composite family, very common here in Alto Paraíso - Chapada dos Veadeiros, which is a huge source of this precious virtue called trust.

With the scientific name Cosmos bipinatus, the shape of its flowers resemble daisies yellow orange . It grows everywhere in gardens, abandoned lands, earthworks and margins of streets.

 Even in the most inhospitable places, there she is with immense force, courage and trust. The flower is simple, abundant, productive, with a very strong magnetism, what justifies their given names: Cosmos, Estrela, Voadeira.

Cosmos bipinatus, cosmos, star, estrela, voadeira

Staining strongly fiery flowers and its common names attest to the typically solar character of this plant.

It is an authentic representative of the Sun here, on Earth.

It is good to have this flower in our gardens and always to keep in touch with it, to smell deeply its beautiful flowers, for us to consciously inhale trust.

How to make a flower remedy with it

In order to obtain the floral essence, collect seven perfect flowers at sunrise. It is advisable that they are covered with dew. Put them inside a large glass, full of pure water. One can also put inside the glass a small crystal, together with the water and the flowers.

Let the glass with water and Cosmos flowers rest at sunlight during the whole day and, at sunset, it will be ready. Just take the flowers out and drink the floral remedy. 
The dose will be found by means of the experience and personal observation of each one.

Try it and let me know how it worked out! We must dare to penetrate into the deepness of trust. There lies the victory against all limitations.

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